Ozark Chevrolet Keeps Your Vehicle Looking New with Our Collision Center

You can't prevent other vehicles and the road from throwing rocks at your vehicle. You can't stop the weather from taking away the sleek look of your new paint job. Sometimes, the unthinkable happens, and your vehicle is the victim of an accident. What do you do? Ozark Chevrolet can help you out! Our collision center experts offer restoration and repair to help you bring your vehicle back to its original condition before the collision occurred. With genuine Chevy parts, we'll make it look like nothing happened!

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Why Should You Choose Ozark Chevrolet for Your Collison and Bodywork Needs?

We aren't just some large collision center that only cares about fixing the damage and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We strive to provide each collision center customer with a unique experience that restores the look of their vehicle to factory-quality design and look.

Whether you have a crack in your windshield, dents in your vehicle's body, or other structural damage that affects how your vehicle looks, our certified bodywork professionals can make them disappear like they never existed!

Ozark Chevrolet Services All Makes and Models

If you own a Chevrolet, that's great! We can help get your Silverado looking like new after the weekend camping getaway. However, we won't stop you at the door if you own a car, SUV, or truck from a different lineup. We provide collision repair for all makes and models - make an appointment with our professionals, and we'll take care of you!

Ozark Chevrolet wants your vehicle to look new again! That's why our collision center offers the care your vehicle needs to refresh those chips, dings, and dents and get your vehicle back to like-new status! If you've been in a car accident and need bodywork from a collision center that does more than slap a coat of paint on it and call it good, we recommend reaching out to our collision center experts! We'll get you in for an appointment and restore your vehicle for you!

Get Back on the Road With Quality Collision Repair

When it's time for a repair, look no further than the GM Collision Repair Network-the network created to promote the proper, safe repair of GM vehicles. As a member of the Collision Repair Network, Ozark Chevrolet has the technical expertise, quality equipment, and GM direct support that helps ensure your vehicle is repaired with GM standards in mind.  We operate with integrity and are dedicated to you, making the stressful time after a collision easier to navigate.

GM Original Equipment is important to the repair process. GM OE parts offer proper fit, which eliminates unsightly gaps, rubbing, or other issues caused by improper fit. Since GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco OE parts are those originally designed for your vehicle, you can be sure that they maintain the same structural integrity and quality as those that were factory-installed. When it comes to your collision service, connect with us about GM Original Equipment. 

Parts & Warranty Information

The Advantage of GM Genuine Parts vs. Non-OE Parts

GM Genuine Parts NON-OE PARTS
Designed to GM's safety requirementsMay not have crumple zones or meet manufacturer's stringent safety requirements
Precise fitMay leave unsightly gaps between body panels
Quicker installationMay require workarounds and more time to get parts to fit
Primed and ready for paintMay not be primed, affecting paint adhesion and overall finish quality
Verified build qualityNo guarantee of material or design quality
Proven structural integrityUnknown integrity
Maintains resale valueIll-fitting parts and build quality could affect car's resale value

The Choice Is Yours. Not Theirs.

Discuss GM OE parts with your insurer.

GM Original Equipment is the closest to factory installed parts for your GM vehicle. To help promote the proper, safe repair of GM vehicles, it's important to request OE parts when taking your vehicle in for collision repair.

Where should I take my vehicle?

Ultimately, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to where to take your vehicle for repair, not your insurance company. As GM dealers, we maintain a high standard of customer service and repair so you can feel confident and secure your vehicle is in the right hands.

Check your policy to be sure you're covered.

Check your policy to make sure you are covered for OE parts in all instances. Oftentimes, you may be covered for "parts of the same kind and quality." Some policies may specify OE parts must be used and other policies may only cover non-OE parts.

Keep your GM a GM.

Preserve the integrity of your GM vehicle by receiving the proper form, fit, function, and quality you expect from GM Original Equipment, by using GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco parts.